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Hablar conjugation

Spanish Progress

I’ve been studying Spanish for about 16 months now, starting in February 2022, and I’ve reached the highest level of comprehension I’ve ever had. I’m guessing I’m at a fairly solid B2 level at this moment. I took a few… Read More »Spanish Progress

Red door

Spain, 2022

May 2022 marked my fourth visit to Spain, my third trip to Madrid, Sevilla, and Granada, and my second trip to Córdoba. The purpose of the visit was a site visit for a study abroad I’m trying to establish in… Read More »Spain, 2022


What We Ate in Spain

I am trying to establish a study abroad program to visit Madrid, Toledo, Córdoba, Granada, and Sevilla that would take place in early January 2023. I conducted a site visit with my research assistant from May 05 to May 16.… Read More »What We Ate in Spain