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Spain, 2022

May 2022 marked my fourth visit to Spain, my third trip to Madrid, Sevilla, and Granada, and my second trip to Córdoba. The purpose of the visit was a site visit for a study abroad I’m trying to establish in these cities as part of an advanced worldbuilding class. Our itinerary mirrored the proposed class schedule–12 days flying in and out Madrid with stops of a few days in each city.

Because we’d been to all of these places before, we didn’t do most of the major attractions and instead explored places in the cities where we hadn’t been. We only spent a day in Córdoba last time, and we walked all over and found it to be a very charming city. In Granada, we walked to the top of the Albaicín one day to check out the pottery shops, and then next we went to the Generalife gardens of the Alhambra. In Sevilla, we explored the Triana neighborhood across the river from the old town.

Here’s a mess of photos from a very productive excursion. You can also check out what we ate. It was a lot.





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